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About Lee

Hey there! My name is Lee. Ok fine, let's get real for a minute. My first name is actually Jessica. I will let you in on a little secret: I changed my name when I moved from my hometown of Newark, DE to NYC and signed my first modeling contract. 

How did I go from a small town girl to playing in the major leagues as an international model? Long story short, I called every major agency in NY pretending to be a client. After getting the emails of every top agent and getting rejected or ignored by each one, I called the agencies back again. This time I told them that I was coming to NY and already had meetings with the other top agencies. FOMO worked and I booked a meeting with each agency, yet again, I was rejected by all of them. The only agency that never answered any of my calls or emails was Elite Model Management, so I stormed over to their office and blurted to the receptionist that I had an appointment with Karen Lee (a top modeling agent and scout that I had been reading about online).

Just as I'm considering jumping back into the elevator, a woman with long dark hair swings open the lobby door and says "It's been crazy today, I'm so sorry I forgot about our meeting! Come on back." It was Karen, and she actually thought she had a meeting with me. I couldn't even believe it, but I was in. 

I sat down with her and among other things, told her that every agency in NY wanted to sign me, that I had some tough choices to make, but that I wanted to be with Elite and then gave her a few reasons why.

I ended up signing a 3 year exclusive contract that day with one of the most prominent modeling agencies in the world. I dropped out of college even though my parents begged me not to, dyed my hair platinum blonde and I changed my name to Lee.

After modeling for quite a few years and traveling the world, I moved to Los Angeles and began an internship at LaunchPad, a top technology accelerator in Southern California. 


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